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10 Areas of Improvement For a More Accessible, ADA Compliant Website

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Is your website ADA Compliant? Enhance your website to be more inclusive & usable for users with physical, visual, or auditory disabilities.

HIPAA Health Check

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The cost of noncompliance to HIPAA can be crippling to an organization. We will guide you through steps you can take today to be more HIPAA compliant.

Microsoft 365:

A Product Overview

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Join us in this free event as we explore Microsoft 365: the subscription services and apps offered by Microsoft.

Working From Home:

8 things you can do to be more secure and productive. A great resource for human service workers!

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Join us in this free event as we explore ways to make the new reality of working from home more secure, safe and productive. This is recommended for human services workers and anyone working from their home office.

Cyber Tips

Our FREE “Cyber Security Tip of the Week” will help you always stay one step ahead of hackers and cyber-attacks! You must constantly educate yourself on how to protect what’s yours!

Protected Health Information Resources

What is Protected Health Information (PHI)?

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Do I Need to be HIPAA Compliant?

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What are the elements of a HIPAA security rule risk assessment?

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