Technology is constantly changing. Every day there are new advances and changes and old software and hardware become obsolete by the minute. At Willetts, we understand this. We monitor the trends and the changes and we know the difference between what’s new and cool and what’s necessary. With Willetts managing your IT lifecycle, you will never again have to worry about using outdated, obsolete or unsecure hardware and software.

Willetts takes the drama out of upgrades:

  • Planned obsolescence – We stay ahead of the trends so you know in advance when changes are coming and you can plan and budget accordingly.
  • Hardware Refresh – Willetts Tech will monitor your inventory of devices and put together a plan for gradual upgrades, avoiding costly breakdowns and surprising replacements.
  • Software Refresh – You will know ahead of time when an operating system or application is going to be discontinued or reach end of life and we will help you plan for the next steps. 

IT lifecycle management is an important part of keeping your business running at peak efficiency. Let Willetts Tech go to work for you!