Willetts Tech Launches a Job Application Web Service: Here’s What You Need to Know

For nearly 25 years, Willetts Tech has been an IT industry leader, providing the tools and support that small businesses need to succeed and remain competitive. To continue delivering the IT performance clients have come to expect, Willetts Tech is introducing a job application web service (JAWS) designed to support your company’s recruitment and hiring needs.

JAWS is an online job application webform that you can link to from your website, social media, or even your email. Statistics show that interested candidates are more likely to make contact by filling out a webform than by emailing someone their resume.

Experts Predict the Job Market Will Remain Challenging

As many as 50% of workers report their company is understaffed—and those working in understaffed companies are more likely to consider quitting. An open position means lost potential, and multiple open positions can negatively impact existing workers. But the challenge of finding qualified workers isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. There’s a massive demand, prompting companies to spend more on recruiting than ever before.

Recruiting Woes: Willetts Tech Solves Problems by Delivering Solutions

Many companies rely on multiple recruiting websites like Indeed, Zip, or Facebook to identify potential new hires. Seeking job applicants this way presents several challenges, including:

  • Maintaining multiple accounts, eating up a significant amount of time
  • Inadequate screening for appropriate qualifications
  • Applicant data lives in various accounts, making it challenging to track

Companies can easily track applicant data with JAWS because it is available in a single location. Clients trust Willetts Tech to deliver incredible value and IT services, supporting company growth and efficiency. JAWS is an essential new tool streamlining the recruiting process, leading to better new hire development. Our job applicant tracking system is:

  • Customizable: Clients want to screen for particular skills and qualifications to ensure they’re working with the most qualified applicants.
  • User-friendly: Software that is difficult to learn wastes time and requires extensive, costly training. Willetts Tech respects your time—our goal is always to help you maximize output by allowing employees to do their jobs without getting hung up on the tech.
  • Fast-track the hiring process: Because our job applicant tracking system screens for your specifications, you’ll be able to reduce the length of time it takes from posting an open position to hiring your newest employee. Not only is your HR manager able to get back to other tasks more quickly, but you’ll have your new hires trained and ready to get to work.

See for yourself how JAWS and Willetts Tech can keep your company competitive.

Willetts Tech can customize services to meet your specific needs. Our technicians have tons of experience, and whether you’re an IT geek like us or a casual user, we’ll always take the time to explain any issues clearly, so we’re all on the same page. And like our other services, we always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re sure that our job applicant tracking system will revolutionize your hiring process.

Additionally, ask about our customizable plans. We have options to fit your needs, from self-service to plans that include our experienced team curating up to 20 applicant leads a week for your open positions.

Steps to a successful JAWS implementation

  • Have a good job description
  • Use all channels
  • Employee testimonials

Willetts Tech believes that trying out a service is essential—you want to make sure that JAWS will deliver the recruitment and hiring improvements you need. Call us today at (301)722-5800 to request a JAWS demo or find out more about the plans we offer. Let us help you drive workplace talent!


$10 per facility (Monthly)

For more information, please contact Miranda Forbes.

Email: miranda.forbes@willettstech.com

Phone: 301-722-5800