Better Technology = Better Outcomes

Your organization’s technology is all the software, email, computers, and network equipment in use at your facility.

Many struggle to get the most out of their software and computer hardware because they need a technology optimization plan.

There are 6 parts to a successful technology optimization plan.

  1. IT Leader and Staff – Is there an IT Leader with a clear direction and tech support staff who can quickly resolve issues?
  2. Computer Hardware – What is the condition of your hardware and do you have enough?
  3. Software – What do you have, is it effective, and do they talk to one another when applicable?
  4. Cyber Security – Anti-virus, Phishing, etc – Are you safe from a HIPAA breach?
  5. Business Continuity – Backup and disaster recovery – Are these in place in the event they are needed?
  6. The Cloud – Are you taking full advantage of access to info from anywhere?

Avoid wasting money and frustrating employees
Streamline your processes and improve client care
Develop and implement a Technology Optimization Plan

Willetts Tech can help you develop a Technology Optimization Plan is 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Assessment

Step 2 – Develop and Implement a Plan

Step 3 – Staff and Clients benefit from better technology!