Software Development

Our Proven Process

It’s one thing to have high calibre developers and project managers to take on your project. It is quite another to have a well-established agile and efficient process born out of combined decades of experience. Here is our time-tested web development process proven by continued success and client satisfaction.

Requirements Gathering and Brainstorming

Our team will handle all of the grunt work to obtain all of the necessary details we need from you to understand, in full, your project needs. In addition, we are firm believers in collaborative configurations, meaning that we will too provide our opinions to what we think works best based on not only our technical experience, but our business experience as well.

Project Wireframing and Storyboarding

After we have determined all of the requirements, we will create visual representations of the project. These are called wireframes. From our experience, wireframes are the key piece of the puzzle to ensure a project is successful. Wireframes create a visual project scope and provides confidence to everyone that we are all on the same page as far as what is expected as an end result.

Project Management and Web Development

With a team of 9 developers, we have the resources for any size project. Our team of project managers will coordinate the tasks to reach project completion and will separate these tasks into milestones each with their own delivery date. Breaking down a project into smaller chunks makes it easier to manage. As our development team makes progress, you will have access to a staging website to review what is being done. In addition, we provide video demos/walkthroughs of larger features that need initial explanation. Our clients would agree that our process truly makes the web development phase “worry-free”.

Client Review, Feedback, and Collaborative Discussions

We understand the people that need to be happy are the clients. After each milestone, you can review and provide full feedback on features, bugs, or anything else you find. We will be in full communication with you on each individual item. Each item you report will have its own discussion thread to ease communication on the individual tasks.

Ongoing Support

We don’t stop at the end of the project. We offer options for you to get monthly ongoing support which ensure our teams’ availability month-to-month. You don’t have to have the fear, like you may have with a freelancer, whether or not you will have a developer available to support you going forward. You get the same great project service for the life of the project.