Our Team

  • Jason Willetts President
  • Dan Porter Vice President
  • Bri LaVorgna
    Bri Willetts VP Strategic Development
  • Brandon Johnson VP of Business Relations and Partnerships
  • Daren Sipes Lead Software Developer
  • Amy Sites Software Support
  • Hana Shaaban
    Hana Shaaban Account Manager
  • Andrew Park Software Developer
  • Dakota Fearon
    Dakota Fearon Software Developer
  • Matthew Dameron Software Developer
  • Matt Benson
    Matt Benson Software Developer
  • Joe Shipway Software Developer
  • Michael Sasscer Tech Support
  • Cooper Willetts Software Developer
  • Colin Crowe Software Developer
  • Nathan Sacchetti
    Nathan Sacchetti Tech Support
  • Steve Nunez
    Steve Nunez Field Tech - NYC
  • Halea Evans
    Halea Evans Tech Support
  • Jack Johnson Field Tech - Wyoming
  • Christopher Nosal
    Christopher Nosal Field Tech - Arizona
  • Chris Ashenfelter Administrative Coordinator
  • Ryan Cassell Project Manager
  • Anthony Ribble Support Team Manager
  • Justin Beeler Senior Network Engineer
  • Jason Carroll
    Jason Carroll Network Engineer
  • Matt Vitak Network Engineer
  • Phil Epple Network Engineer
  • Andy Hughes Network Engineer
  • Tiffanie Hare
    Tiffanie Hare Software Support
  • Derek Umstot
    Derek Umstot Help Desk Agent
  • Calvin Brewer Field Tech - Mighigan
  • Kraig Wilford Service Center Manager
  • Bart Baker Field Tech, Utah
  • Ryan Maier Field Tech, Iowa